An Inside Look on the Bookish Community: Interview with the Thrifty Bibliophile and Novels & Waffles

Raine-Reads-DescriptionHello, everyone! I am so excited for this post! I’m still such a newbie blogger. My month blogging anniversary is coming up soon, and it’s been a fun few weeks. With this special date coming up, I really wanted to get a further insight into the book blogging community. This is why I spoke to two lovely ladies about their experiences. I am so thankful to Rae from the Thrifty Bibliophile and Kat from Novels & Waffles for taking time out of their busy schedules to do an interview with me!

Perhaps one of the most intimidating aspects of diving into book blogging is how expansive the online bookish community is. I, for one, was participating in several aspects of this world before starting this blog. It isn’t like this for everyone, though. “I didn’t know much about the blogging world before I started my blog, and I had no idea the bookish community even existed,” said Rae in our interview. Her love for books lead her into the blogging world, and the rest happened naturally. For Kat, her introduction into the community was gradual. Like so many of us, her journey started with Goodreads before slowly discovering the other bookish avenues online. “There was this whole other world online, and it was all about BOOKS. What more could I possibly need?” Kat remembers.

We all understand the struggle of maintaining our blogs with our reading and with our personal lives. Whether it be school, work, family, etc., there’s always something keeping us from the bookish world. Both Rae and Kat are mothers, and they shared with me how this position impacts their blogging habits. For Rae, she tries to complete her blogging during the time her children are asleep. She also works full time, so lunch breaks are a great opportunity  for blogging. Family obviously comes first for these bloggers, but they find a way to balance their passion with responsibilities. As Rae says, “I’ve met so many wonderful people through blogging, so it’s worth the effort to juggle my work, home, and blog life!”

As a new book blogger, I was most curious to hear about how blogging changes a person’s reading. I ended up discovering that it really depends on the blogger! Kat explained that her reading didn’t change much, but she did expand her ability to read critically. She explained, “I wanted to think deeper and more analytically about books. I wanted to exercise my brain and pick apart why I liked or didn’t like a certain novel.” Rae told me that her reading habits did change with her introduction into the online bookish community. She credits blogging for getting her to read “way more new releases.” She also explained that she is still finding a way to balance new releases and backlisted books in her TBR.

Blogging exposes people to many new experiences, and these two bloggers shared some of their favorites with me. Kat was able to tell me about an amazing experience she had in guest posting for Drizzle and Hurricane Books for the Shattering Stigmas 4.0 event. She was honored to be a part of a topic that is important to her. One of Rae’s most exciting moments came when a big-time publisher reached out to her.

Personally, my coolest experience with blogging happened when Kat and Rae agreed to do an interview with me! I knew the bookish community was a welcoming one, but I had no idea that successful bloggers would be so willing to have an open dialogue with me. They had amazing and valuable things to say, and I am grateful to them for their responses. Once again, a huge thanks to Rae from the Thrifty Bibliophile and Kat from Novels & Waffles, and don’t forget to check out their amazing blogs!

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