Storytime: Why I’ve Never Posted a Shelfie

Welcome to this week’s ~dramatic~ post! Today I wanted to talk about the reason I’ve never posted a legitimate shelfie.

That reason, of course, is because I don’t have a bookshelf.

I know, I know, how could this be?! It’s not that I don’t have a lot of books, because I do have quite a few (100+). Having books is a huge privilege that I will own up to. I’ve been accumulating my book collection for many years. Without a bookshelf, I keep my books in organized stacks on my floor.


See, they don’t even look that sad! However, my books haven’t always been without a home. I used to have a bookcase from Walmart, but the poor thing’s life ended quickly. While rearranging my room several years ago I tried to move my entire bookcase with all the books still on it. As you can imagine, things did not end very well. So ultimately it’s my fault that I’m bookshelf-less.

Honestly, I thought my book stack set up was going to be a huge deal breaker when I started my blog. I realized this is totally not true! The bookish community is more excepting than any other online community (even though it has its issues). Nobody really cares about how many books you have, how you store them, or how old they are.

The real lesson here is that you shouldn’t let anything stop you from sharing your bookish content! Sure, I may not have have a bookshelf to display my books in a pretty manner. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t show pictures of my book stacks. Even though I don’t have all the newest releases, I can still share my excitement for books. I am still a reader despite any of these circumstances, and so are you!

What are your thoughts on book shelves? How do your organize your shelves? I miss having my shelves, but I’m thankful for my ability to have so many books in the first place. Do you guys have any sturdy shelf recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!


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