What’s Coming in 2019 // New Year, New Goals

Hello, new year! 2019 is a bit of a scary year for me. I graduate high school in May this year (eek!), and then I’ll be on to decide the rest of my life in college. It’s also my first full year of blogging, which is very exciting! I’ve never been one for new year’s resolutions, but I have set some goals for my reading and blogging this year!

Reading Goals

Read 50 books in 2019

I think this goal should be completely achievable. I well surpassed 50 books last year, but every year is different. I tried to design this challenge with school in mind, but half of a hundred still seems a little daunting at the beginning of the year.

Read more widely

I really want to expand what genres I read this year. It feels like I only ever read contemporaries and thrillers. I would love to read more fantasy this year because I feel like I’m missing out on a huge part of the bookish hype. I would also like to read a classic or two this year. Finally, I want to pick up more non-fiction this year.

Request and read ARCs

I have never read an ARC before! I’m really looking forward to getting into NetGalley in 2019. My TBR will still be mostly newly published and backlisted books, but I would love to throw more advanced reader copies in my reading.

Blogging Goals

Review more books

Reviewing books is a pretty important part of being a member of the bookish community. And yet, I rarely do it. I really want to review more books this year. Even if not every book review turns into a whole blog post, I would love to even give a short review over on Goodreads.

More consistent posting schedule

Last year I attempted to upload a new blog post at least once a week, and I actually managed to meet this goal pretty consistently. I want to do the same thing in 2019, but with more consistency to my posting schedule. That being said, Raine Reads should have a new blog post up on Wednesdays (usually).

Continue building relationships in the community

Finally, but maybe most importantly, I want to build more friendships in the bookish community. I’ve done fairly well at blog hopping, but I would love to interact with other readers across more social media platforms. After all, what’s the point of being in the community without getting to know your fellow bloggers?

It may not be a new me to go along with the new year, but I’m very happy to have some goals set in place to guide my blogging journey this year. What are your goals for the year? I’m looking forward to whatever 2019 brings!


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