Characters Affected by the Full Moon

It’s often said that the full moon makes people act in mysterious ways. Whether it’s being said to complain about bad drivers, an over chatty classroom, or anything in between, you’ve probably heard it before.

The recent full moon made me wonder: how does this lunar event affect fictional characters? Haven’t we all read books where a character’s sudden change in behavior makes us scratch our head?

Sometimes it’s inconsistency in the plot or characterization that causes this. Or maybe it’s a strange twist in character development that you didn’t see coming. But now, we can place blame for strange character actions on the full moon.

Here are three characters that I feel must have been affected by the full moon.

Gigi in Tiny Pretty Things

Gigi starts out this duology as a super sweet and genuine character who’s thrown into a catty and cruel ballet school. Despite the cruelty she undergoes at the hands of her fellow dancers, Gigi remains strong, positive, and relatively compassionate. That’s great until things suddenly change halfway through the series. Gigi suddenly becomes vindictive in her actions. While I understand that she had plenty of reason to bite back, I did not like the way her character completely changed between the two books.

Tana in the Coldest Girl in Coldtown

I was truly rooting for Tana at the beginning of this book. She was brave in the face of terror and made reasonable decisions. For the first portion of the book, at least. That all changed when Tana’s decision making process went down the drain. Her decisions were rash and acted out with little thought. Not only did Tana seem to get dumber throughout the book, but a major part of her personality sudden flipped on its head for little reason.

Tris Prior in the Divergent Trilogy

The Divergent trilogy is very well known even outside of the online bookish community. Still, it’s not always known for the best reasons. The series goes downhill after the first book. As the main narrator, Tris Prior’s inconsistent characterization brings the series down. her attitudes and personality completely changes halfway through the series. She was supposed to be smart but her actions continued to show her lack of intelligence as the series progressed.

There you have it! Inconsistent characterization can really kill even the best of books. Maybe the magic of the full moon got to these characters. What characters do you feel changed personalities in the middle of a story?

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