My Auto-Buy Authors

As readers, we all know what it’s like to follow an author’s body of work. Most of us have favorite authors. I know my shelves are teeming with several books from certain writers.

There are several authors that I always want to get my hands on a copy of their newest book. Perhaps I don’t always feel the need to buy my own copy, but I’m often filling out library requests in advance. My choices are pretty standard answers, but I never want to stop expressing my love for these authors!

Rainbow Rowell – I think Rainbow is maybe my favorite author. She’s just that good. I even own more than one copy of some of her novels. Honestly, her Twitter is a gift alone. I know that I’m certainly looking forward to Rainbow’s two releases in 2019, Pumpkinheads and Wayward Son (the sequel to my all time favorite book).

John Green – My obsession with John Green has certainly died down since middle school, but I’ve recently discovered that I will still read his publications. John is a divisive figure in the YA literary world, and I agree that his novels have issues, but I still love sitting down with his pretentious characters. I’m also a fan of his Youtube channel with his brother, Hank.

My shelf is full of all Green’s books, including a special addition of his popular book, Looking for Alaska.

Mindy McGinnis – I still have a bit of catching up on McGinnis’s backlog, but I’ve really enjoyed the two books I’ve read from her. This author’s writing style really appeals to me as a reader. Her 2019 release, Heroine, is one of my most anticipated reads of the year.

These are some of my favorite established authors, but there are a few more authors who I would love to get my hands a new release. These authors only have debut novels out. I am eagerly looking forward to anything new they release.

Kate Avelynn – I really enjoyed Flawed, even if it’s not the best book out there. I seriously doubt Avelynn will be releasing something new anytime soon. If she does decide to release another novel, I will be right there waiting to read it.

Robin RoeA List of Cages is one of those books that has stuck with me ever since I read it. Robin’s debut was such a poignant and touching release that I think everyone should read. I cannot wait until Robin Roe releases another story into the world.

I love following these authors’ careers! Whenever my faves announce a new book I am ready to read it immediately. Who are some of your auto-buy authors?

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3 thoughts on “My Auto-Buy Authors

  1. Rainbow Rowell is so wonderful ahh I love her! And I still can’t believe Wayward Son is coming out THIS YEAR. Simon and Baz are going to be back in our lives and I cannot wait❤️❤️❤️


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