TBRs & Wrap Ups

April Wrap Up

I thought March was a mediocre reading month, but I was in for a surprise with April. My reading this month covered both ends of the spectrum rating wise, and I even dappled in some genres I don’t normally read. I only read four books this month, which isn’t too great for me.

Books Read

April 2019

Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand // 5 stars // I am beyond thrilled that I decided to pick up this book. I honestly had limited knowledge about this story going in, which ended up working out for the best. I never knew I needed a book marketed as YA feminist horror. Sawkill Girls was definitely worth the five stars.

Need to Know by Karen Cleveland // 2 stars // On the flip side, I had some not very good reads this month. I found this book to be frustrating. The main character made so many dumb decisions and I really couldn’t stand her. This would have been a three star book, but I despised the end so much that I lowered my rating.

Heroine by Mindy McGinnis // 4 stars // This was probably not my favorite Mindy McGinnis book, but I still really enjoyed it! I completely adore her writing style, so it was no surprise that I really liked this book. However, I didn’t feel very sympathetic toward the main character. This choice might have been completely intentional, but it slightly hindered my reading experience.

Legendary by Stephanie Garber // 5 stars // This sequel truly lived up to my expectations. I’d heard that this book was even better than Caraval, so I was really excited to see how I would like it. Let me tell you, the people were right. Legendary was very different from the first book, but Garber’s writing was still very recognizable. It was interesting to read from Tella’s perspective. Also, the romances in this book are really my cup of tea.

On the Blog

It was a bit of a quiet month on my blog in April. I’ve felt a bit behind on blogging lately, but hopefully I’ll feel more motivated in May!

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Life Updates

I think T. S. Eliot was on to something when he said April was the cruelest month. School has been a little more stressful than normal this month, and that’s just topped off the high school drama that’s been on full blast. It’s no wonder that I didn’t get much reading done this month.

On the bright side, senior prom was also this month. I had a really great time dancing and celebrating with all my friends! I had a very long day this Saturday and I honestly think my body is still recuperating.

Time really does fly by fast, and May is going to be a crazy month. I’m graduating high school this month, and senior activities are going to be plentiful.

And that’s April! I was pretty disappointed with the lack of reading this month, but that happens sometimes. I’m still pretty ahead on my reading goal for the year. How was your reading month in April?

Until next time!


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