My TBR & Me // How I Use TBRs as a Mood Reader

I don’t, I let my mood guide everything I read

It’s fine my mood reading is just out of control.

Having a big TBR is a struggle that every reader knows. It seems that I see complaints on book twitter almost everyday about whittling down that to-be-read pile.

Personally, my TBR is a bit smaller than the average book blogger. I’d say that under 100 books is certainly a feat. But how do I maintain a smaller TBR? The truth probably lies in the fact that I’m rather lax with my usage of the tool. Still, I’m not without a TBR. In fact, I have around three different types of TBRs that I use to keep my reading organized.

IMG_1394The first format of TBR that I use is also the broadest method. That is, of course, the Goodreads TBR. I’ve never been huge on using multiple different Goodreads shelves, and my limited categorization has worked for me thus far.

My “Want to Read” shelf serves as my biggest TBR, in which I basically include any book I’m even slightly interested in reading. With such loose criteria, it’s a wonder that this shelf is below 100 books.

Goodreads also houses one of my most useful TBRs, the “owned-unread” shelf. This helps me keep track of the books that I own myself but have not yet read. Theoretically, these books should take priority over my other to-be-read books, but I think we all know it doesn’t always work like that.


Another list of books I keep is my Overdrive TBR. This is the list I can refer to whenever I want to pick up another eBook or Audiobook from the online library system. I feel like this is a bit different from a TBR because I don’t feel as obligated to read every book listed. Rather than being a list of books that I want to read, this TBR is more of a list of books that I could be interested in reading should I need a book to read in these formats.






Lastly, I usually build a Monthly TBR. This is, by far, the most structured form I use. Each month I pick out a few books that I want to complete before the new month starts. Whether I need to read it for review, it fits the mood of a season, or I’ve just left the book unread for too long, there are several reasons that a book could land itself on my monthly TBR.

There have certainly been times when I haven’t finished every book on my TBR for a month, but I typically set a realistic reading goal for myself.

There may not be much structure to how I use TBRs, but it seems to have worked for me so far! Are you more of a mood reader, or are strict TBRs your thing?



3 thoughts on “My TBR & Me // How I Use TBRs as a Mood Reader

    1. I relate to that way too much 😂 The worst part is I have this whole big list on Goodreads but then I find a book not even on the list that suddenly sounds way more interesting and pick that up instead! It’s likely I’ll never outgrow my mood reading ways

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