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It’s Only a Game Tag // An Ode to the Caraval Series

Welcome, welcome. . . to a Caraval book tag!

With the recent release of Finale, I have been in such a mood to celebrate the series. I haven’t been following the series nearly as long as the majority of the bookish world, but I became attached just as easily.

This post will contain spoilers for Caraval and Legendary.

The Rules

  • Tag anyone you think would enjoy this tag.
  • Link back to Booked J. Or tag me in your post on Twitter. I want to see everyone’s answers!
  • If you are tagged by someone else, link back to their blog as well!
  • Remember, it’s only a game…

The Questions

1. Performer, participant or watcher?

Realistically, I’d be a watcher. I have always been the type of person who has been more content to sit back and view a situation from the sidelines rather than be directly involved. Especially in a situation as risky as Caraval, I’d be sitting on the sidelines with rapt interest.

2. Which one of the fates would you rather not cross paths with? Which would you want to cross paths with? Why? (For a list of all the fates click here)

Truthfully, I’d rather not cross paths with any of the fates. Although the Prince of Heart’s role in Legendary was highly entertaining, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near his flippant attitude towards mortals or deadly deals. I wouldn’t be tempted to deal with any of his cohorts either.

3. The Luckless Coin—Do you believe in bad omens?

I would say I do, but not in a way that I take to heart. Not everything has a direct meaning in my eyes, but I believe that there certainly are omens–both bad and good.

4. The Sisters—Which one do you see yourself in the most? Do you find it difficult knowing when to walk away from something? 

Even though everyone complains about her, I see more of myself in Scarlett. I could definitely relate to her position as the “cautious” and “overly responsible” character. Sometimes these aspects of her personality gt dragged out too much within the series, but I still think she gets an unfairly bad reputation for it.

5. The closest you’ll ever find to magic in this world… What is the closest thing to magic in our world, for you? 

Something that I don’t think is necessarily magic, but it feels magical is the feeling of making a memory. The second you steal to yourself during an event to reflect on this feeling, and how you just know it will be something that sticks with you (it’s very reminiscent of the Perks of Being a Wallflower‘s “in this moment, I swear, we are infinite,” if you catch my drift.)

6. No longer dull shades of bland, the dress was now a rich cerise… If you were to put on an enchanted item of clothing, what color would it become?

My heart wants few things more than to recreate this royal blue look from my junior prom.

Junior Prom
Pictured: (right) Myself in a seemingly magical gown and (left) my best friend, the Tella to my Scarlett.

However, I’m sure a magical gown would have a far better fashion taste that I do, so I’d be fine with whatever color it chose.

7. Wishes were things of wonder that took a certain amount of faith and Julian seemed the type to trust only what he saw… Do you believe in the impossible? Or are you a skeptic?

Definitely more of a believer than I probably should be. From a very young age, I would watch TV shows about the supernatural + spirits with my grandma, so I’m sure that impacted my perspective now. I think it makes life a lot more fun to believe in some things that may not seem fully explainable.

8. Impractical dreams and untethered imagination… What was something you fiercely believed in as a child?

I was a pretty big believer of Santa Clause when I was a child. I still have a vivid memory of a questioning conversation I had with my mom after hearing kids at school talk about the legitimacy of the jolly Christmas myth. Pro tip: asking “Mom, you would tell me if Santa Clause wasn’t real, right?” will probably not be answered with the truth.

9. The Characters—Who’s your favorite in the Caraval series?

Even after considering this question for quite some time I could still only come up with a very basic answer, but I just love Julian. Since his introduction in Caraval where it seemed like he might only be a one-off character, Julian’s snarky personality pulled me in. He only grew on me more as the series progressed.

10. Truth or adventure? How would you play the game? Are you a seeker of truth or breathless adrenaline?

I’d like to think that I’d be a truth seeker, and I would probably try to be one. Maybe I would start off on the right path to uncover secrets. but the magic of Caraval would probably end up sweeping me away from my main goal.

11. Give away a day or your life, or sleep? Which would you rather give up? Or are you unwilling to sacrifice either?

I’d certainly give away a day of my life over sleep. I am all about getting enough sleep, so I doubt I would be able to even remotely function if forced to go days without sleep. I still don’t know how Tella did it.

12. Hopeful and magical… Scarlett loves the color gold because it feels hopeful and magical. What gives you hope?

As silly as it may sound, one thing that makes me hopeful is seeing interactions between people that are full of niceness. I’ve never been the best at explaining things, but I just truly enjoy being able to see people treat each other like human beings. Whether it’s between a group of friends, a politician and their adversary, a customer and a server, these interactions make me hopeful for the future of humanity.

13. The Words—What is your favorite quote from Caraval?

I’ve always been a fan of this section from Legendary.

“So,” she said cautiously, “is all this your way of telling me you’re the villain?”
His chuckle was dark. “I’m definitely not the hero.”
“I already knew that,” Tella said. “It’s my story, so clearly I’m the hero.”

14. Safe and guarded… What is your happy place? Is it a person? A place? Something nestled away in fiction?

Of course I often turn to books when needing a safe haven, but another huge solace for me is music. If something particularly upsetting has happened, you’ll sooner see me running for a pair of headphones over a book.

15. Two halves of the same heart… Do you ship anything in Caraval? If so, who? If not, pick any relationship from any fandom.

The romance in Caraval was hands down one of my favorite aspects of the series. I don’t know what about the way Stephanie Garber wrote couples, but I was all over it. I’ve always been all for almost every relationship within Caraval.

16. The bad and the morally gray… What is your favorite archetype when it comes to the characters of Caraval? Who do you think fits the title of “villain” best of all? Is there one?

The characters throughout the series are so multilayered that not one character can stand as the “villain.” Even though Legend is often referred to as a villain, we find out that there’s more to him than rumors say.

Although if we want to discuss a certain purple-gloved Marcello Dragna as a villain. . . .

17. Would the game bring out the most selfish of selfless parts of you? Whether you’re a performer or participant or watcher.

Nobody wants to say that a game would make them selfish, but I think I might be a little less than polite during Caraval. Although I’m usually successful in being a kind person, stressful situations can bring out the snippier side of my personality.

18. Spells cast aren’t easily shaken off… What books have been nearly impossible for you to shake off or forget through the years?

There’s too many to list here, but I do have a post discussing all the good, bad, and ugly books that haven impacted me through childhood.

19. What do you wish to see in Finale?

Since I have already read Finale, it would be unfair of me to answer this. But it’s safe to say I was not disappointed by what the last installment of the series brought.

Caraval may officially be over after a grande Finale, but that won’t stop me from thinking about it. I definitely see a reread somewhere in my future. Have you read the Caraval series, and are you sad to see it end?



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