TBRs & Wrap Ups

October Wrap Up

Oh, October. What a month. I’ve always loved October, with its fall atmosphere and pumpkin foods and Halloween. I was really pleased with my reading this month after a very slow month in September. I managed to double the number of books I read this month and get it back to my usual amount! On the flip side, my ratings were really not great this month.

Books Read


Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston // 5 stars // This book absolutely lived up to the hype in my mind! Red, White & Royal Blue is definitely one of my favorite books of the year, and maybe one of my all time favorites. The relationship between Henry and Alex was one of the best romances I’ve ever read, their chemistry was through the roof. Even though some of this book was a bit of a stretch compared to our actual society, I still loved the opportunity to be enveloped in this warm, hopeful book.

An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen // 4 stars // And so the thrillers begin. This was definitely my favorite read of the month from this genre! I read this author duo’s debut and really enjoyed it, so I had been waiting for a while to get my hands on this one. The characters were really strong in An Anonymous Girl, but the plot was even better. I truly felt that this was a book that kept its cards close to its chest until the very end. The biggest complaint I have is that the pacing was a little off, and I wasn’t completely satisfied with the resolution.

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware // 2 stars // It’s safe to say that Ruth Ware is a very popular thriller writer, but I hadn’t read anything from her until now. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a massive disappointment. The Woman in Cabin 10 was so not my thing. I personally felt like this book didn’t deliver on what it promised in the synopsis, and that alone set this book up to fail. Since my expectations were in such a different place, it was already difficult to enjoy my reading experience. I also found the writing to be rather dull, so I had no motivation to continue reading, which is not something you want in a thriller. Worst of all, the big reveal was way too unrealistic for me to enjoy. All in all, I don’t think I mesh very well with this hyped author’s style.

Final Girls by Riley Sager // 3 stars // Yet another thriller, perfect for the spooky season! I actually really enjoyed my first Riley Sager book, even if it had some issues. It was a very entertaining read and I was very hooked in the story. Again, the pacing of the story could have used some work. I was also pretty irked with the characterization. Almost all of the characters were very static, and those that were fleshed out were really inconsistent (ending every other sentence with “babe” is not a personality trait). On the bright side, many of the twists were very surprising and actually made some sense.

The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy // 2 stars // I seem to have a bit of an unpopular opinion here, but this book wasn’t exactly what I’d call “good.” I think part of my issue was the fact that I read this book on audio. This made it very difficult to keep track of all the main characters, of which there were several. Every time a character’s name was mentioned, I had to wait for some defining characteristic (their job, usually) to be mentioned before I had even the slightest idea who they were. The twist was kind of fun, but it came too late in the story to make much of a difference.

Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James // 1 stars // I have approximately two explanations for why I read this book. Firstly, I love to suffer. More importantly, I wanted to see what this book was really like beyond all the hype surrounding it. So me and my friends set out to buddy read this book together. Truthfully, I didn’t find this book nearly as problematic as I thought it would be. Sure, some aspects of the relationship were messed up, but it wasn’t all that bad. The real reason for my one-star rating is the atrocious writing. I do not understand how Fifty Shades became such a widely-read book with writing this bad. The characters might as well have not existed for all the personality they had. All in all, Fifty Shades of Grey was in some ways better than I was expecting, but in other ways so, so much worse.

On the Blog

Well, things didn’t exactly go as planned on my blog this month either. I just fell behind on writing, and it was too difficult to catch up in the ways I wanted to. I managed to get a few basic posts out, though.

The LOVER Book Tag

Send Shivers Down You (Book) Spines // Halloween Song Book Tag

Four Your Consideration // November 2019

Life Updates

School really took it out of me this month! I truly have no idea how I managed to read so many books on top of all the studying I had to do. I had an exam or big test in every single one of my classes, all within a two week period! It was sort of dreadful.

Aside from schoolwork, I mostly kept to chill activities for the rest of the month. Unfortunately, I didn’t do much to celebrate Halloween. But I did go to an a capella show at my school, and it was so fantastic!

I’m hoping November will be a little less stressful. It is my birthday month, after all!

Until next time!


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