Raine Reads Takes A Break // Hiatus Announcement

Hello, everyone! I have a little announcement to make, as you may have guessed from the title of this post. After over a year of (semi) consistent blogging, I will be taking a temporary hiatus from the Raine Reads blog.

This is something I’ve been considering for quite a while, and I think now is the ideal time. Keeping on top of blog work while handling my first semester of college has been difficult, and my blog has suffered because of it. I’ve skipped weeks of posting, and the posts that I have put out are often rushed.

I feel that this set up is unfair to both my audience and myself. I want to put out content that I’m proud of and is interesting to read. That’s why I want to take a short hiatus to work on a stockpile of scheduled posts.

As for hiatus length, I will definitely be back by the start of the new year! It’s possible that I’ll start posting again by mid to late December. I’ll still be around online, reading people’s blogs, talking and social media, and overall just seeing what’s up in the bookish world!

Until next time!



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